About Me

Innovative yet timeless.

Creative yet thoughtful.

Industrial and graphic design
for brands, for thinkers,
and for good.

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Living and working in New York City since receiving my bachelor's degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute has provided an unparalleled experience for my life and work. Working towards a graduate certificate from Harvard Extension School in Sustainability has broadened my knowledge of how systems and people interact and work together, and the importance of empathizing with all aspects of a subject.

It is impossible to avoid being immersed in innovation, creativity, and even challenges on a daily basis in NYC. Living and breathing design is inevitable in here, and as a result has become a part of how I think, act, and work. I believe design thinking can overcome obstacles and unite people through the process of understanding and learning as much as there is to know about an issue before conceptualizing and realizing a solution.

I consider myself a knowledge sponge. I am interested in any topic I am not already familiar with, and always looking for ways to expand my mental catalogue of resources—there is no topic that doesn't pique my curiosity. With the ongoing goal of merging my work experience in design with academic knowledge in sustainability, I believe that through good design I can design for good.